Headshot Sessions

Why Professional Headshots

Dubbed "the new handshake," professional headshots are now the first introduction to you, your business and your personal brand-shouldn't that intro be the best it can be? With 93% of HR professionals and recruiters tapping into Linkedin to find quality candidates-plus 2 in 3 on Facebook and more than half on Twitter-that headshot has countless applications in your professional life. Should your profile image be the family vacation, a fun night out at the bar or-worse- the logo or abstract shot? Or should it be a powerful , confident, approachable headhsot that compels prospective clients or employers want to connect with you?

Headshots Don't Have To Be A Drag! Armato Photography prides itself on expressions, well, on your expressions. We aim to provide you with headshots that show off your true personality while showing confident, approachable expressions. We like to have a good time, laugh and interact. We avoid stale, static poses that you might get at sears portrait center. 

Meet The Team!

Armato Photography is a husband and wife team. Together we photograph families, portrait sessions and weddings.  John focuses on headshot sessions both in studio and on location. We partner with Megan Brackna from Mane Tame by Megan. She's a very talented hair and makeup stylist that is available for headshot sessions with us. 

Our Studio

Armato Photography shoots in studio in Clarksburg, Maryland in Montgomery County. Our space is in a gorgeous historic house located close to Black Hills Regional Park. We also shoot on location, in your office or at an outdoor location of your choice depending on what type of look you want for your brand. We can service the Washington D.C, Maryland and Virginia areas. We shoot with LED continuous lighting, that means the lights are always on and don't flash. This is much more comfortable to stand in front of and less harsh on your eyes. Since the lights are LED they don't get hot, so you won't sweat through your session. I adjust the lights for your comfort so you can kick back and enjoy your session.

Coaching During Your Session

You need headshots that will work FOR you. I shoot all my sessions tethered to my Mac so we can see the images as we shoot. This allows me to coach you on certain aspects of your expression so we can nail down confident, approachable expressions. I've partnered and mentored with some of the top headshot photographers in the U.S to further my ability to help coach you  during your session.  I shoot into industry standard software such as Lightroom and Photoshop, from here I can make adjustments to our shoot so we can be sure we're getting exactly what you want.


All images are hand retouched and edited by me. We'll talk about what details you want retouched and make decisions before you leave the studio. My basic edits are color correction, backdrop correction, stray hairs and any blemishes you want removed.

Getting Ready For Your Session

Before heading in to the studio, think about all the things that make up your personal brand and what you want others to take away from a glance at your profile page. Jot down some key words and phrases and bring them to your shoot. Think about what exemplifies your personal brand to you. Are you an actor? A musician? A writer? Are there props that could help tell your story? Bring them along.

We can take many different shots-in different outfits-so you'll have a series to choose from. You may want to tailor your profile picture based on the social media platform you're using. Remember to have fun! A relaxed, comfortable subject naturally exudes confidence.  Get plenty of sleep the night before and drink plenty of water.

What To Wear

It's important that your look matches the image you're trying to convey. What you wear on a daily basis is a good place to start. Solid colors are always a good choice, as are tops with strong collars and necklines. Even though you'll only be shot from the shoulders up, it's important that you're pulled together from head to toe-you may want to include 3/4 or full body shots in your collection. Aim for clothes that compliment your skin and eye tones, most important is that you wear something that you feel great in! Bring in all your favorites and we'll lay them out and choose what we like.


Keep makeup to minimum.  Go very light with this. You want to look natural. If you have a makeup artist that you'd like to bring along, go for it. I have a stylist for hair and make up that I'm happy to bring in on your shoot (this is an extra fee paid to the artist. See rates page).  She will take great care of you during your session.  Jewelry should also be kept very simple. We don't want anything to distract from your face and expression so best not to wear any.  We have an amazing hair and makeup stylist that can join your session for you if you prefer to leave to a pro!

Social Media Headshot Package

Great for Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter profile images
one look
45 minutes
1 retouched file delivered via Dropbox
in studio............$200.00

Basic Headshot Package

Great for musicians and actors
3 Looks
1.5 hours
3 retouched files delivered via private gallery
in studio.............$300.00

Deluxe Headshot Package

Great for anyone looking to build a portfolio. 
3/4 and full body images included
unlimited looks
2.5 hours
5 retouched files delivered via private gallery
in studio..............$450


Hair and Makeup stylist.....$90.00

Additional retouched images......$40.00

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