What to wear for your headshot sessions| Clarksburg, Maryland Headshot Photographers.

What should I wear? One of the biggest questions I get after booking a headshot session. This and “what can I bring?”.

I’m going to lay out a few guide lines that I find work really well for headshot sessions.

For Men

If you’re headshot will be used for your company think classic. Choose a suit that you love and that fits you well. If it doesn’t fit well, you’re not going to be comfortable in it and that can lead to some anxiety during the shoot. So, make sure everything fits properly and feels great!  Choose a dark colored suit, Nay, Black, or even grey are great colors. 

You’ll want to stay away from bold, busy patterns. Solid colors are always best.  Pin stripe suits or solid suits are best as well. Sometimes small check or herringbone patterns can cause an odd pattern effect on camera, though now we do have tools to deal with that. The tie should be somewhere in between the tone of the coat and shirt. 

If you’re not the tie and jacket type, still stick with a non-white solid shirt. Consider a causal sport coat or sweater to create some layers and different looks. 

For actors that are looking to create different looks, the idea is similar. Keep to solid colors. Bring T-shirts, polo shirts, button downs, and jackets and sweaters to create a variety of looks. If you have a type of role that you’re going for bring in what you think that character  might wear.

Keep facial hair well groomed as that can be very difficult if not impossible to deal with in post.

I’m putting this in bold because I see this way too often. DON’T SHOVE YOUR CLOTHES IN A BACKPACK!

I can’t tell you the number of times guys have come in and started pulling suits and shirts out of a backpack. Have everything ironed, pressed and ready to be photographed. If we have to spend time ironing here, we could be taking precious time from the shoot. I do have an iron here ready to go in case we have some last minute wrinkles to deal with.

For Women

You’ll want to choose a professional suit or business type attire. Keep the look classic, you shouldn’t be able to tell what decade it is. Bring in coats and sweaters to create multiple looks with layers. 

The most important thing when choosing an outfit is that everything fits you well and makes you feel great! You don’t want to wear anything that makes you feel self conscious or uncomfortable during your session. If you have outfits that you’re just not sure about, bring them in and we can decide together what works and what doesn’t, if we’re both not sure, we’ll shoot it anyway and see what we think as the images pop up.

Keep jewelry and make up light. Jewelry can be distracting so keep it small, and minimal. Bring in options if you aren’t sure and again, we’ll see how it shoots.

I have an amazing hair and make-up stylist that can join you on your session. She will take great care of you from start to finish. If you’re not comfortable doing your own make up definitely have her there. I’ll have a before and after at the bottom of this post with a recent client.

So just to sum up for both men and women. Keep outfits looking classic, fitting well and feeling great! If you want to have a professional stylist there to pamper you during the shoot, just ask and we’ll work to fit her in on the session. Megan is a ninja, super sweet and professional.  When in doubt, bring it it. We can always shoot a few sets and see if we like what we have.

So, book now if you’re ready to create you first impression with new professional headshots.


Before her visit with the stylist.

After her hair and make-up. Megan will often stay during the whole session to take care of you.

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