Headshots with Peter, Jazz Guitarist

One of the big perks of being a performing musician as well as a photographer is that I get to mix those two worlds often. Musicians need to keep on top of their press kits just as much as anyone else.  Most of us shoot a headshot in college and use it for most of our career, forever looking like we’re in our 20’s.  Working with musicians is a lot like working with actors. But just like the big stage, being in front of cameras can be nerve racking! 

Understanding stage anxiety, I bring a special skill to the session. I understand what it’s like so I’m better able to help make my clients feel at ease and actually have fun during our session.   I love doing a few “action shots” while we shoot and then mixing in a few posed shots.   Peter is a very talented musician. Not only is he a classical guitarist and jazz guitarist, he’s also a renaissance lute player, as am I. So needless to say, we talked shop the whole time. 

I’ve performed with Peter on a few occasions as a lute player. It was great getting him in front of the camera and out of his normal element.  I spend a lot of time talking to my clients and not “posing” them in awkward ways that make them wonder if they’re getting it right. It’s about forming a connection and getting real expressions from people.

I love asking musicians to just forget I’m here and play something. My favorite part is when they keep checking tuning, like the photo will catch that!

Hope you enjoyed some highlights of my headshot session with peter. For more information or to book your headshot session head over to the contact us page and shoot us an email! 

For you techies, I shot this session with a Nikon D4 105 2.0 DC lens. Godox and nikon sb900 lights.

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