Shoot with Actors!

I’ve always wanted to shoot actors. Last week I had two actors and a model in the studio. We had a really good time shooting headshots for these folks. Actors are fun because they take direction really well and you can make up movie plot scenarios for them.  One of the biggest things I go for in my headshots is expression. I want true, confident, approachable expressions from my clients. I don’t want over posed, micro managed terrified looks on their faces that screams “did I do it? Is this it?” I want a look that screams, Yeah, I got this. Samir definitely gave me that.  

Samir killed it during his headshot session. He’s new been a model for JcPenny and the Gap and is looking into getting into the scene here in Maryland. Watch out for this guy, he’s taking names.

Next up I had Elle, a theater actress, she was throwing expressions at me left and right! Both of us being musicians we had plenty in common and we hit the ground running with these headshots.

Sometimes you get people coming in for headshots that are super uncomfortable in front of the camera, they get the dear in the headlights look and can be stiff as a board. It’s our job to get people comfortable and get them cranking with some serious expressions. Every once in a while you get someone who lives to be in front of the camera and makes your job super easy. Being a photographer I’m sensative to this, I hate having my picture taken and I’m sure I’m not the client that makes their job easy. Elle on the other hand came in swinging. She was throwing expressions at me the entire time. 

We grabbed this last shot when she said “I want to look like a bad ass!.” Pretty sure we nailed that one.

Next up was Jennifer. Again, she came in already cranking. She’s been an extra on a lot of T.V shows and commercials. Her big claim was being on House of Cards. We had an easy headshot session, cracking jokes, and having fun. I threw this one out at her and she gave me a nice big laugh, ” turn your right shoulder to the left, nose towards the camera, great, give me a slight squinch, now think of scaffolding”

I’m looking forward to the next round of actors to join Armato Photography for their headshots. For all you techies out there these were shot with a Nikon D4, Nikon 105mm 2.0 D.C. I used a Godox witstro AD360, two Nikon Sb900’s and two yongnuos on the backdrop. The backdrop is a white HurleyPro board which I absolutely suggest for small studio spaces. For more information on our headshot sessions contact us through the email on the site or give us a call. looking forward to working with you!

Headshots for Andrew

So, I got to shoot headshots for Andrew this week. Andrew and I have  performed together in Maryland and Virginia many times. This time I got to push him around the Armato Photography studio a little bit and he totally nailed the shoot!  

Headshots are not just another photo. These are photos that are often creating peoples first impression of you. This could mean the difference between being hired or not.  I know what a good headshot needs.

One of my goals in a headshot session is to not get bogged down with posing every little thing. I feel that the expressions that come from those images are not real expressions showing off your personality, rather they look uptight and insincere.

I like to keep my sessions light, relaxed and fun. We certainly have a lot of laughs while I’m asking people to do things like “Bring your nose this way, drop your front shoulder, great! now point your hips towards the Frankfurt”. I always get such a great look out of that one. Conversing with my clients allows us to get to know each other and feel comfortable with each other capturing natural expressions ranging from serious and moody to bright and light hearted. Before you know it, you’ve forgotten there is a camera there and you have a portfolio loaded with killer headshots. 

Once he figured out I was goofing around we were off to the races.

 I aim to create a headshot that is expressive, engaging and cram packed with confidence and approachability. Andrew nailed this super fast in his session.

For more images come check out our headshot gallery. We shoot in studio and on location or outdoors depending on what kind of look you want. These images are the most important investment you can make in yourself and your business where you are an actor, musician or corporate executive. 

Contact Armato photography for more information on our headshot sessions. We are located in Germantown Maryland. We offer student and corporate group prices. 

These images were shot with Nikon D4, nikon 105 2.0 DC

Glenview Mansion family session

Armato Photography had a great time photographing this family at Glenview Mansion in Rockville, Maryland.  It was a crispy 20ish degrees outside but these folks really pulled it out. 

I got to know this family through music. I teach the daughter guitar at a school in Olney. Everyone was super fun, lots of joking around and helping to make the little ones laugh.

I love taking a moment to get a single portraits of the kids, Sophia was certainly not camera shy! Neither was this guy. We always like to employ the kids not being photographed to us out in making our subject smile, laugh, or totally fall apart. 

Glenview Mansion is one of our favorite places to shoot. Each part of the grounds really lets you make unique portraits.  We’ll leave you with one last group portrait. 

For more information on Armato Photography family sessions, head over to the contact us page and shoot us an email!

For you techie folks, these images were shot on a Nikon D4 with Nikon 105mm 2.0 DC, this is my absolute favorite set up for portraits!

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