Headshot Session with A Thunderbird Pilot | Clarksburg, Maryland Headshot Photographer

Generally when I get inquires for my headshots I see many of the same backgrounds. I’m an actor looking to update my headshots, I’m a public speaker and want to update my social media sites, I’m opening a new law firm. Well Tuesday morning rolled around and I got an email from a lady who is starting to get into public speaking. She’ll be speaking about diversity, overcoming adversity and how to be a strong leader. The she sent a video saying “here’s a little about me”. 

It started with a clip of her in an office in a flight suit, “Hi, I’m Lt. Colonel Niclole Malachowski and I’m a combat F15 pilot and squadron commander for the United States Air Force. I’m also the first female Thunderbird pilot”. Needles to say my eyes were wide open. I was prepared to call her and say, “oh yeah, your new headshot should be in the aircraft, at about 15000 feet, flying upside down at a million miles an hour”. I called my make up artist and said “guess what”. 

Well, the two of us “fan-girled” over her while we waited for her to get to the studio. When we heard her pull up we peaked through the drapes, I said “she looks like a badass”, she said “yeah, she’s gorgeous”. 

Working with Nicole in studio was an amazing experience. We have aviators and military in our family history so we had something in common to talk about during our shoot.  She knocked the session out of the park, and made my job so easy! Alas, no headshots at mach 3, but we did get some amazing headshots for her.

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